Many small people who in many small places do many small things can change the face of the world.

African proverb on the East Side Gallery, Berlin Wall


When attending the London Symposium, I was pleasently impressed by the high standard of presentations delivered by the students-panelists. This element was something that greatly differentiates the DCW Symposia from other Conferences: the opportunity for students to be in the first place actors presenting their own paper and not just listen to well-established scholars. Thus, I strongly believe the symposium a uniquely European gathering, one of a kind in the European University scenario.

Elena (Italy)

I had a chance to talk with people who are smarter and more experienced than me, and very inspiring. I love these kind of meetings because it encourages my desire to grow and to do more. […] My takeaway from the symposium may be summed up in one sentence: our generation needs to be more educated in moral issues, not only how to use technology; we need to learn what it means to live in community across borders.

Michal (UK)