tolerance of dissent and freedom of conscience on both sides of the Iron Curtain


Edward Lucas, The Power of the Powerless – Past Struggles and their Current Lessons. (long read)

Q&A with Edward Lucas, Edward Lucas Q&A


Alvaro Perez, Opening the Gates of Eden, On the Physicality of the Wall (long read)

Gianluca Costamagna, No Barriers to Dissent – The Girmann Group

Ulrich Nagel, Joachim Gauck – Freedom as Leading Principle of German Friedliche Revolution (long read)

Andrei-Tudor Man, Intellectuals and Romanian Communism (long read)

Clara Watson, Exploration of Wojtyła’s ‘The Acting Person’ and Kołakowski’s ‘Theses on Hope and Hopelessness’ as possible philosophical foundations of the Solidarity Movement in Poland (long read)

Gustel Warnberg, Secularism in Late Socialist Societies (long read)

Nathan Pinkoski, Between Freedom, Tyranny, and Totalitarianism – Hannah Arendt and Leo Strauss on Preserving the Moral Difference between East and West (long read)

Gaia Coltorti, Censorship on the two sides of the Curtain and literary reactions in capitalist and communist worlds (long read)

Maja Fabijanic, Science development on both sides of the Iron curtain (long read)

Alina Strelkovskaia, Soviet Nonconformist Art – Functional and Social Stipulation (long read)


the role of conscience and dissent in bringing about the fall of the Berlin Wall


Pavel Trantina, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee, Thoughts and reflections (long read) 

Prof. Harald Wydra (Cambridge University), Making Europe from the Margins -The Politics of Conscience and the Fall of the Berlin Wall (long read)


Elena Bernini, Dissent and Nationalism in the Baltic States (long read)

Noemi Magugliani, The Role of Literature in Bringing About the Fall of the Berlin Wall (long read)

Flavia Munteanu, Hierbleiber Protestant boycotts and rallies – How important was the role of conscience and dissent in the run-up to the fall of the Berlin Wall 

Bakht Jamshaid Baryar, Political Economy Perspectives Manifestations of Revitalized Conscience

Gregorio Ramella Pollone and Alessio Pellegrino, The GDR Intellectuals’ dissent


 the changing role of conscience and dissent in Europe since 1989


Dr Martin Meenagh, Conscience versus Reciprocity in the European Public Sphere since 1989 (long read)

Prof. Gunnar Beck (SOAS University of London), Democracy and the Rule of Law in Europe since the Fall of the Wall (long read)


Lucas Williams, The Confused Nature of Censorship and the Relevance of Dissent in Contemporary Western Culture (long read)

Wes Kendrick, A Tenuous Balance – The Evolving Role of the Internet in Facilitating Dissent (long read)

Givi Gigitashvili, How Putin Challenges Post-Cold War European Order and Fear (long read)




Mr Toomas Hiio, Board Member of the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory, The Challenges of Memory

Dr Markus Prutsch, Administrator at the EU Parliament, Directorate-General for Internal Policies of the Union – European Historical Memory: Policies, Challenges and Perspectives (long read)



Freiheit Abgesperrt: The Berlin Wall and the Disputed Cause of Liberty during the Latter Cold War – Dr. Martin Meenagh Meenagh paper DCW Seminar Saturday 8 November 2014.

Conscience and Truth, by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Presented at the 10th Workshop for Bishops February 1991 Dallas, Texas.


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