Since everyone is eager to add one more present under the Christmas tree, we have invited the students selected for the final Brussels event to take part in our InstaHunt!

Not sure what it is?

The InstaHunt is not a race, but a way for students to experience the final DCW event through the eyes of their fellow participants and have some nice memories at the end of this event.

 The rules are few and simple:

– Students attending the conference have to photograph the following 10 items before leaving Brussels after the final event:

  1. A representation/interpretation of the Berlin Wall or existing walls today in Europe #DCW89BerlinWall
  2. Something representing memory #DCW89Memory
  3. A tribute to pan European history #DCW89EuropeanHistory
  4. Something representing the fall of the Iron Curtain #DCW89IronCurtain
  5. A Brussels landmark #DCW89Brussels
  6. A landmark/symbol from the participant’s own culture #DCW89Europe
  7. East – West European integration #DCW89Integration
  8. Something that you learned #DCW89Learn
  9. Something/someone who made you laugh #DCW89Fun
  10. A new friend: #DCW89Discover;

– each photo can county only for one item and it must be a photo made by the participant (editing is allowed);

– students have to post their photos on Instagram with 2 hashtags: #DCW89 AND the category hashtag the picture represents;

– they need to tag in each photo EucA’s Instagram profile (@eucapics);

– the most creative will receive a 100 EUR Amazon/iTunes/Google Play gift card (the winner will be free to choose);

– the winner will be announced before Christmas 2015.

By taking part in our DCW InstaHunt students grant EucA a royalty-free, nonexclusive right during and after the IstaHunt, provided it is not detrimental to the rules of personal dignity and common decency:

– to use the pictures on the DCW blog and related publications of the project;

– to use the pictures on EucA website, social media and publications;

– to allow third-parties to share the photographs on the web and social media platforms;

Participants will retain all rights to any photograph they submit. EucA will credit the owner for the original creation.

Keep calm… and happy insta-hunting!


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