Intellectuals and Romanian Communism

Andrei-Tudor Man is a native of Romania, and is pursuing an undergraduate degree in philosophy at Babes-Bolyai University, Romania. He gave the following presentation at the London symposium in November 2014.


“Thereby, for the communists the intellectuals were possible dissenters, because their freedom of conscience could push them to scream their dissatisfaction. The Romanian communism worked as an extremely intelligent machine, its information systems preventing any exit from the communist dogma. That’s why the intellectuals, as possible dissenters, were controlled by labelling them as nationalist bourgeois, even they were having Marxist views like Pătrășcanu, or by exploiting them in the ideological machine. In the extreme cases they were controlled by sending them to death by hard working on the communist gigantesque working sites. All these practices implanted in the Romanian common sense an opposition between the intellectuals and the working class, and, even though the regime that was oppressing both classes was destroyed with the help of the intellectuals, the opposition survived in the society, mostly with the help of the still holding power communists, or in our days with the rhetoric gun against the efforts of intellectuals willing to imply in the administration or politics.”

You can read his full paper here, “ Intellectuals and Romanian Communism


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