DCW continues its debate at Collegio Nuovo, Pavia

On November 29th 72 students have gathered in London in the first symposium of the project. Many more would have liked to take part, so national activities were organised throughout EucA’s network of University Colleges to share the experience in London with many more students. Elena Bernini, which was selected as representative of both Collegio Nuovo and the other Italian Colleges, organised such a meeting on December 10th. The questions asked were the same as throughout the project: how was life beyond the Iron Curtain? What acts of courage sustained the hope of entrapped nations? How was escape from totalitarian regime possibile? What methods did the state use to repress any quest for freedom?

In Collegio Nuovo, Pavia - Italy

Elena Bernini (left) during the presentation of the DCW activity Collegio Nuovo, Pavia – Italy. Joining her, Sara Franzone, EucA Ambassador.



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