Top 10 movies about the Berlin Wall

We’re asking interested young people to submit abstracts and papers, and this will also mean giving a verbal presentation, but you can include PowerPoint of course. Dissent, Conscience, the Berlin Wall, and the Iron Curtain have been covered in detail through a variety of mediums – novels, biographies, textbooks, poems, photography, art, films, and documentaries. So, be creative, and think about how you might like to incorporate these mediums into your research, thinking and presentation.

To get you started, here’s a suggested top 10 movies about the Berlin Wall

The building of the Berlin Wall, which began Aug. 13, 1961, gave a stark architectural face to the Cold War and spawned a slew of spy movies located on the fault line of East-West intrigue. Hollywood masters like Billy Wilder and Alfred Hitchcock were among the first to spin political fables in this divided city. But in the ’80s and beyond, as Soviet ideology cracked along with its most notorious edifice, German filmmakers addressed their own fissured history.


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